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Rules & Regulations


All performers must be members of the school's music program. Community ensembles comprised of students from multiple schools are welcome to participate.

Performance Site

Performances take place in local schools, churches, colleges or other performance venues located near the amusement park. Performances do not take place in the parks.

Music Selections

There are no required pieces. Directors should select music appropriate to the level of development of their ensemble. Adjudicators will consider the quality of the performance relative to the level of difficulty.


Performances are scheduled between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. The final schedule will be released 4-6 weeks prior to the festival date. Each performing group will be scheduled for a 20-minute warm-up followed by a 20-minute performance. Warm-up time should be used for tuning and warm-up only. The warm-up time is not a rehearsal. Chairs and stands may not be provided in warm-up rooms. The 20-minute performance includes on-stage, introduction, performance and off-stage. We recommend groups perform TWO selections (10-12 minute TOTAL performance time). Our most experienced groups present less music well performed. Remember — this is an evaluation /adjudication, not a concert.


Basic equipment provided includes: music stands, chairs, timpani, concert bass drum, xylophone and piano (acoustic or electronic). Choral risers are generally available. Show Choir risers are not provided. Schools will need to bring additional percussion equipment and electronic equipment. Many sites have extensive equipment available. A list will be provided to all registered schools prior to the festival.


Two Adjudicators will evaluate your performance and provide you with written and recorded comments along with a numerical rating. You are required to furnish two original conductor's scores for EACH of your selections. Adjudicators' recorded comments will be placed on digital media (SD/SDHC cards). Digital media cards will be provided by Trills & Thrills.


Due to the format of Trills & Thrills' festivals, there is no clinic at the conclusion of your performance.


An award plaque and rating ribbon will be presented at the conclusion of each performance along with the adjudication forms and recorded comments. There is no awards ceremony at the park.


70 — 79 Good
80 — 89 Excellent
90 — 100 Superior

Photocopied Music

Trills & Thrills Music Festivals disclaims all liability in actions resulting from the unlawful reproduction of parts and/or entire scores of music. Directors are advised to acquaint themselves with the restraints and responsibilities set forth in the federal statutes governing copyrights. Adjudicators have the right, but not the obligation, to refuse adjudication to any group submitting photocopied scores without the accompanying written permission of the publisher.

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