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Performance Format


There are no required pieces. Directors should select music appropriate to the level of development of their ensemble. Adjudicators will consider the quality of the performance relative to the level of difficulty.

Performance Site

Performances take place in local schools, churches, colleges or other performance venues located near the amusement park. Performances do not take place in the parks. At each location your Site Director and their staff will greet you upon your arrival and provide assistance and further instruction for a smooth Trills & Thrills festival.

Performance Time

A twenty minute warm-up will be provided, followed by twenty minutes of on-stage performance time. Music selections should total less than twenty minutes to provide time for set-up and dismantle.


Your local Site Director will advise you as to what is available at your performance site. It may be necessary to bring some additional percussion and electronic equipment from your school.


Uniforms are not required at Trills & Thrills festivals. The attire of the group is left up to the discretion of each Director and will not be factored into the Adjudicators' ratings. Please be advised, however, that changing facilities are not available at any of our performance sites.


Two Adjudicators will evaluate your performance and provide you with written and recorded comments along with a numerical rating. You are required to furnish two original conductor's scores for each of your selections. Copied scores are not permitted without the written permission of the publisher. Adjudicators' recorded comments will be placed on digital media (SD/SDHC cards). Two SD/SDHC cards will be provided by Trills & Thrills for each performing group. There is no clinic at the conclusion of your performance.


Since you and your students look forward to spending the afternoon in the park, it is important that we remain on schedule during the morning performances. Please give careful attention to arriving on time, setting-up without delay, and performing within the twenty minute limit. If we all strive to stay on schedule, the day will be pleasant and rewarding for everyone.

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